22 March 2016 / Club News

Concussion reminder


With all full contact sprots there is a risk of concussion and rugby union is no exception. As coaches it is our duty toRECOGNISE & REMOVE anyone with a suspected concussion.

Below are some of the facts around concussion but please download the PDF booklet above for full information.


  • Concussion is a brain injury
  • All concussions are serious
  • Concussion can often occur without loss of consciousness
  • Players with any signs or symptoms of concussion must be immediately removed from playing or training
  • Players must not return to play on the same day of any suspected concussion
  • All players with concussion should be referred to a medical practitioner
  • Players must not return to full contact sport until cleared by a medical practitioner
  • Most concussions will recover with physical and mental rest
  • Children and adolescents may take longer to recover following concussion
  • Concussion can occur without an obvious blow to the head
  • Recognise and Remove players with concussion to prevent further injury or even fatality

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